Felchle 1934 Murder

Hi Ted,

There has been an incident that involved my grandfather Johannes Faelchle who was born in 1902 in Sangerowka.  He was actually killed by one of his own brother’s on “accident”.  Johannes was called to break up a fight when he got stabbed in the neck by one of his own brothers as he stepped between the feuding parties.  Johannes died 31 Dec 1934 in Sangerowka. (My mother was only 7 years old at the time). The brother who actually held the knife never was persecuted – a younger brother under age of 15 was taking the blame as to avoid for his older brother to be jailed or even executed.  According to my now deceased grandmother – the Faelchle’s had plenty of money and could buy their way out of things.. My grandfather was a very loving and religious person – some of his siblings obviously had a different mannerism.  It never was established which of his brother’s was the culprit – my guess would be it was his brother Emil or Arthur… Youngest was Albert born in 1918…

I do have some EWZ films that mention a “murder” in the family.  Maybe it is time I pull up that reel again and start checking it out again..



Elli Wise

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