NKX2-1 gene mutation

I just found a cousin with the NKX2-1 gene mutation.  This can be linked with different cancers and developmental issues.


Using SNPedia.com, there are eleven genes associated with this mutation;


Chromosome      position       RiskGeno
Rs137852692      36,517,781     Rs137852692(T;T)
Rs137852693      36,517,871     Rs137852693(C,T;C,T)
Rs137852694      36,517,739    Rs137852694(T;T)
Rs2076751          36,520,214
Rs28936671       36,517,757     Rs28936671(A;A)
Rs28936672       36,517,771     Rs28936672(T;T)
Rs387906404     36,517,576     Rs387906404(;)
Rs587776707      36,517,812     Rs587776707(CC;CC)
Rs587776708      36,518,022    Rs587776708(A,C;A,C)
Rs587776709     36,519,104     Rs587776709(C;C)
Rs863225300     36,517,960    Rs863225300(A;A)
The 23andMe.com DNA tests check two of the sites:

Rs28936671 36,517,757
Rs28936672 36,517,771