Poppke DNA on Chromosome 1

Poppke Felchle DNA

I’m trying to find our Poppke grandfather’s family through DNA analysis.
We currently have four Poppke grandchildren tested and on GedMatch.com.
For Poppke elimination, we have a Felchle 2nd cousin and a 2nd cousin one removed.

These posts will look at the evidence one chromosome at a time.

For Chromosome 1, if you look just at the four Poppke grandchildren, there are several areas where one first cousin matches with one other first cousin. But nothing greater than that. On chromosome 1, the matches appear to be good with the Felchle family side.

In detail,

A Poppke grandchild matching with two Felchle 2nd cousins on

67,778,231 80,858,587

Two Poppke grandchildren matching with a Felchle 2nd cousin on

239,001,460 247,137,334