My Surnames of interest

Here are the first four generations of family surnames that I’m working on, along with any spelling variations and related in-law surnames.  Alphabetically;

  • Bahnmuller
  • Bossert
    • Schell
  • Carpenter
  • Conner
  • Connoran
  • Corkery
  • Dick
  • Dieno
  • Enzie
  • Felchle
    • Falchle, Fälchle, Faelchle, Filchel
    • Фельхле
  • Foster
  • Gifford
  • Gurr
  • Harkey
  • Hofer
  • Johnson
  • Laib
  • Lynn
  • Ottley
  • Phaff
  • Poole
  • Poppke
    • Poppke, Pöppke, Pueppke, Puepke, Popke, Popkey, Popkie, Papke, Papkey, Pipke
    • (possible cyrillic variations) Попке, Попки, Пепке, Пупке, пюпке
  • Reese
  • Short
  • Svendseid, Swendseid Swensied, Swenseid
  • Weingartner
  • Whittemore


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  1. Hi Ted; On studying you Weingartners I can see where there could be a link with our Andreas, that of Gottleib & Maria Agnes Bopple’s last child. Do you have dates and places for them? Our Andreas was born at Winzenheun, Oberamt Allgni, Wuertemberg, GERMANY June 3rd 1762 and immegrated to FREUDENTAL, in 1806
    and lived in Hoffnungstall in house # 18 He died 12 Jun 1836 at Carlsthal. Do you have any records to connect this?

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