Faelchle in the US Civil War

There was a Caspar Faelchler (Faelchle)  that served in the US Civil War;

An email from 2013;

74th Plaque on the PA Monument At Gettysburg

Ok, Ted – he was a Sergeant at Gettysburg, but what is interesting to me is that he is not in my reconstructed muster list.  So, we need to add him to that and I will try to do that in the next few weeks.  My personal and professional life have me tied up for a bit and so I will work on what I can add.  His name is visible on the 74th Plaque at Gettysburg.

I am looping into this the Regimental Historian Bret Coulson to see what else he can add to this discussion…he two has been swamped with things so, he’ll flip us what he has when he comes up for breath.

Glad to have you…We also have a small Facebook 74th site as well.  We would love to add you there.  I will also add you to the website when I do the updates.

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Subject: 74th PA Volunteers



I’m looking for more information on

Casper (Caspar) Faelchle
Union Soldier
74th Pennsylvania Inf.
Company A
In as a Private, out as a Sergeant

Any in your records?