Short / Connoran family in Winterset, Madison, Iowa


There is a great index to the Madison County cemeteries;


An email from September 2014:

Mr. Poppke:
I have been asked to reply to your email about the two gravestones of H.L. Short and Jane Connoran Short.
Attached is a map of the Winterset Cemetery.  The stones requested are in Section P.  In that section you will find a white gazebo.  From there, go back to the east to the last row and that will be your row 1.
The Short stones are in row 9 stones 31 & 32.  The row was read from North – South.
I am still working on this section to make sure I have the rows and stones in the correct order, so I hope you can find them.  There are several Shorts in this area along with Jane’s Connoran family.
I hope this helps.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.
Pat Hochstetler


Here is a PDF map of the cemetery;