Ellis Short (1848 – 1929)

I was in Medora today and had ten minutes to spare. (email from January 1913)

Walked in the county building and asked the county recorder to show me how the land records worked, and that on a future date would like to research Short ranch ownership, trying to track what property they had and when.
We opened up a surname index that started in 1910, a Land Grant Index.  The “S” surnames are together, but not in order.  The first one I hit was Ellis Short and his wife selling to Hughe C. Short in 1910.
We found the Warranty Deed in another book.
It was for Section 6 in 142-102, land that is currently in the family.
Ellis and his wife Eva sold property to Hughe.  Ellis and Eva lived in Independence, MO.
Tonight, when I got home, I googled “Ellis Short” and Missouri;