Current Ukraine Bessarabia village place names

Ukraine Bessarabia – A problem I have with place names in German-Russian genealogy is that our families lived in villages.  Almost all villages  changed names several times due to political changes that probably went like this:

  1. First named “Village 12” when marked on a map by Russian officials.
  2. Next renamed during settlement after hometowns in Germany or after the locations of Napoleonic war battles.
  3. After the Russian revolution and subsequent civil war, parts of southern Russia became autonomous and villages were renamed from the German name to something in the local language and alphabet.  This would be the Bessarabia part of the name.
  4. Finally, they were renamed during the Soviet Union era when Soviet Republics were formed.  This would be the Ukraine or Moldova part of the name.

As a result, it is difficult to locate a village on today’s maps.  Consequently, I’m using the current place names, sort of an exonym.  Most of my family is from the Ukraine Bessarabia area, but there are other colony areas to be aware of.  Below is a discussion of place names in my German-Russian family;

Freudenthal, Bessarabia (my Dick ancestors)

Myrnopillya, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Ukraninian = Мирнопілля

46.05708, 29.39201

Teplitz, Bessarabia (my Felchle ancestors)

Teplitsa, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Ukraninian = Теплиц

45.9833333 N   29.3166667 E

Hoffnungstal, Besserabia (Hofer, Bossert, Laib)

Zebrykowe, Irynivka, Odes’ka, Ukraine

47.146389 N, 30.1075 E

Paris (Parizh), Akkermann, Besserabia

Veselyy Kut, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine is

Russian = Vesëlyy Kut, Ukranian = Веселий Кут

46.055 N, 29.28889 E

Kloestitz, Klostitz

Vesela Dolyna, Tarutyne, Odes’ka, Ukraine

46.229308 N, 29.320775 E

Tarutino, Bessarabia (Poppke ?)

Tarutyne, Tarutyne, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Vakarskiye Chutor (Felchle)

Vakars’ke, Velykomykhailivskyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Here is a map showing Europe and the Near East, with a version of Ukraine and historic Bessarabia highlighted;

Ukraine Bessarabia map
Map of Europe and Near East, showing Ukraine Bessarabia.

Ukraine Bessarabia aids

Because of the problems, almost all can be found using a couple of research aids;




Eastern European Genealogical Society

Finally, there is a great Google maps site:


Spend some time on maps and geeky geography sites.