Current Ukraine Bessarabia village place names

Ukraine Bessarabia – A problem I have with place names in German-Russian genealogy is that our families lived in villages.  Almost all villages  changed names several times due to political changes that probably went like this:

  1. First named “Village 12” when marked on a map by Russian officials.
  2. Next renamed during settlement after hometowns in Germany or after the locations of Napoleonic war battles.
  3. After the Russian revolution and subsequent civil war, parts of southern Russia became autonomous and villages were renamed from the German name to something in the local language and alphabet.  This would be the Bessarabia part of the name.
  4. Finally, they were renamed during the Soviet Union era when Soviet Republics were formed.  This would be the Ukraine or Moldova part of the name.

As a result, it is difficult to locate a village on today’s maps.  Consequently, I’m using the current place names, sort of an exonym.  Most of my family is from the Ukraine Bessarabia area, but there are other colony areas to be aware of.  Below is a discussion of place names in my German-Russian family;

Freudenthal, Bessarabia (my Dick ancestors)

Myrnopillya, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Ukraninian = Мирнопілля

46.05708, 29.39201

Teplitz, Bessarabia (my Felchle ancestors)

Teplitsa, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Ukraninian = Теплиц

45.9833333 N   29.3166667 E

Hoffnungstal, Besserabia (Hofer, Bossert, Laib)

Zebrykowe, Irynivka, Odes’ka, Ukraine

47.146389 N, 30.1075 E

Paris (Parizh), Akkermann, Besserabia

Veselyy Kut, Artsyz’kyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine is

Russian = Vesëlyy Kut, Ukranian = Веселий Кут

46.055 N, 29.28889 E

Kloestitz, Klostitz

Vesela Dolyna, Tarutyne, Odes’ka, Ukraine

46.229308 N, 29.320775 E

Tarutino, Bessarabia (Poppke ?)

Tarutyne, Tarutyne, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Vakarskiye Chutor (Felchle)

Vakars’ke, Velykomykhailivskyi, Odes’ka, Ukraine

Here is a map showing Europe and the Near East, with a version of Ukraine and historic Bessarabia highlighted;

Ukraine Bessarabia map
Map of Europe and Near East, showing Ukraine Bessarabia.

Ukraine Bessarabia aids

Because of the problems, almost all can be found using a couple of research aids;




Eastern European Genealogical Society

Finally, there is a great Google maps site:


Spend some time on maps and geeky geography sites.


Kulm Leipzig Tarutino Bessarabia

Hi, I’m looking for Poppke surnames and variants in this book on Kulm  Leipzig  Tarutino Bessarabia;

Extended relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino communities in Bessarabia, Russia



Film 038929 Deaths Leipzig

Film 1766564 Marriages
FM 1270525 Tarutino Prop

Stumpp Book

Film 038910 Leipzig
Heimatbuch Leipzig

Film 038930 Tarutino

Felchle 1934 Murder

Hi Ted,

There has been an incident that involved my grandfather Johannes Faelchle who was born in 1902 in Sangerowka.  He was actually killed by one of his own brother’s on “accident”.  Johannes was called to break up a fight when he got stabbed in the neck by one of his own brothers as he stepped between the feuding parties.  Johannes died 31 Dec 1934 in Sangerowka. (My mother was only 7 years old at the time). The brother who actually held the knife never was persecuted – a younger brother under age of 15 was taking the blame as to avoid for his older brother to be jailed or even executed.  According to my now deceased grandmother – the Faelchle’s had plenty of money and could buy their way out of things.. My grandfather was a very loving and religious person – some of his siblings obviously had a different mannerism.  It never was established which of his brother’s was the culprit – my guess would be it was his brother Emil or Arthur… Youngest was Albert born in 1918…

I do have some EWZ films that mention a “murder” in the family.  Maybe it is time I pull up that reel again and start checking it out again..



Elli Wise

Germans from Russia Research


Felchle in the Odessa Library

Felchle,  Georg                      24 Jul 1833       Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursula

Felchle,  Catharina                21 May 1835   Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursule

Felchle,  Johann                      3 Aug 1837    Teplitz   Georg        Braunmueller, Ursula

Faelchle, Johann Georg     17 Feb 1843    Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursula

Felchle,  Anna Barbara       12 Apr 1845    Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursula

Felchle,  Ludwig                   13 May 1840   Teplitz  Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursula

Faelchle, Heinrich Martin  27 Jan 1850     Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmueller, Ursula

Falchle,  Jacob                        13 Jan 1852     Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmuller, Ursula

Falchle,  Andreas                   12 Feb 1854   Teplitz   Georg        Bahnmuller, Ursula


(PAULINA PEPPLE Poppke’s Father & Mother)

Grabovsky, Johann          24 Mar 1855   Klostitz   Joseph          Bechle, Louisa


Faelchle, Kaharina              6 Mar 1858    Alt Elft  Friedrich       Bauer, Rosina

Faelchle, Johannes            23 Nov 1858  Teplitz   Johannes     Bast, Katharine

Faelchle, Jakob                      4 Feb 1860  Toeplitz  Christian      Scherible, Elisabeth

Faelchle, Rosina                  10 Feb 1860  Toeplitz  Friedrich       Bauer, Rosina

Faelchle, Katharina              7 Sep 1860   Toeplitz  Johannes     Bast, Katharina

Faelchle, Christina               6 Jan 1862   Toeplitz  Christian        Scherible, Elisabeth

Faelchle, Christian             19 Apr 1862  Toeplitz  Friedrich        Bauer, Rosina

Faelchle, Heinrich              19 Sep 1862  Toeplitz  Johannes      Bast, Katharina

Faelchle, Johannes           19 Jun 1864  Toeplitz  Ludwig          Weingaertner, Elisabeth

Faelchle, Christina             15 Aug 1864  Toeplitz  Johannes     Bast, Katharina

Faelchle, Friedrich               2 Sep 1864  Toeplitz  Friedrich        Bauer, Rosina

Falchle,  Georg                    27 Jan 1867  Teplitz   Christian          Scherible, Elisabeth

Falchle,  Katharine             11 Jun 1867  Teplitz   Friedrich          Bauer, Rosina

Faelchle, Barbara               15 May 1868  Teplitz   Johannes       Bast, Katharine

Faelchle, Katharine           30 Jul 1868    Teplitz   Christian          Schnaible, Christine

Faelchle, Elisabeth             11 Nov 1868  Teplitz   Ludwig         Weingartner, Elisabetha

Faelchle, Georg                     8 Oct 1869   Neufall   Johannes      Bast, Catharina

Faelchle, Barbara                30 Nov 1869  Teplitz   Friedrich        Bauer, Rosina

Falchle,  Christian                25 Oct 1878   Neufall   Johannes     Bast, Katharina

Faelchle, Andreas               16 Jul 1881   Toeplitz  Heinrich         Reinhard, Margaretha

Faelchle, Jakob                     23 Oct 1881  Neufall   Johannes      Bast, Katharina

Faelchle, Anna Maria           7 Sep 1882  Teplitz   Andreas         Anderst, Johanna

Faelchle, Christina               15 Sep 1883  Toeplitz  Andreas       Anderst, Johanna

Faelchle, Elisabeth              26 Sep 1883  Neufall   Johannes      Bast, Katharine

Faelche,  Johannes             17 Jan 1885   Neufall                            Faelchle, Christine / illegitimate son

Faelchle, Katharina             24 Jul 1885    Teplitz   Andreas         Anderst, Johanna