Bossert Sod House – 2005 & 2019

I was visiting North Dakota in the summer of 2005 and my Uncle Don took me on a road trip to McLean County to visit the farmsteads of his great-uncle Rudolf Bossert and his great-grandfather Andreas Bossert. In this pic from 2005, you can see that the grass on the ‘road’ was tall, it was the same this year.

  • Rudolf Bossert 1889-1951
  • Donald Delmer Dick 1938-2010

Here is the current wide view. Garage on the left. Bonnie and Jeep for perspective, the sod house on the right.

The overall state of the sod house, then and now. In 2005 the exterior walls and chimney were still intact, today the chimney is gone and the ceiling is sagging.

Details of the exterior wall showing the corner and the stucco, then and now.

Looking in at the kitchen, then and now. In the old photo, the floor was sagging into the root cellar. It’s now collapsed and you can see the round posts that held the cellar ceiling up. Notice the kitchen ceiling falling on the recent photo.

Uncle Don and I explored the attic in 2005, he’s in the photo on the left. I’m in the same are but on the ground in 2019.

3 thoughts on “Bossert Sod House – 2005 & 2019

  1. I remember as a child they would put me and my sister in the window seat. Don’t have to many memories because my grandfather didn’t like my dad so we didn’t go over there very often. I remember sitting in the window seat when my grandfather died. All I could see is the casket and people walking up to it.

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