Lizzie Laird (1897-1981)

I recently got ahold of an old family bible. It was given Elizabeth “Lizzie” Laird. She was Bonnie’s grandmother and was born 15 Jul 1897 in Marietta, Crawford County, Wisconsin. Her father, William Seward Laird gave her this bible when she was 17 years old. I have yet to determine where they were living at this time.

Lizzie Laird married Charles Haupt on 11 June 1917 in Glendive, Dawson County, Montana. Charles was born 5 September 1884 in Sandwich, Illinois.

Charles and Lizzie had two sons that lived to be adults and two that died as infants. The boys that grew up were Wendell and Melvin or Bud. Bud was Bonnie’s dad.

The bible had the names and date of the two boys that died as infants. Prior to this, I just had them as “twin boys”.

They were Willis and Ellis Haupt, born 17 February 1918. Ellis died the same day, or was born still. Willis lasted a month and died on 17 March 1918.

Bonnie remembers seeing the graves in Wibaux, Montana as a child. Our spring project will be to find the farmstead and try to locate their graves.

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