Augustus Alonzo Whittemore

1820 – 1885

Augustus Alonzo Whittemore is the g-g-g-g-grandfather to my children.

Augustus Alonzo Whittemore = Lavella Augustus Whittemore = Arthur Augustus Whittemore = Edith Esther Whittemore = Anne Whittemore Short = Connie Sue Johnson = our children.

I’ll write more about this person later, right now I just want to talk about his final destination. For several years, I tried to find online information on where he was buried, but it didn’t exist. His grandson, another A.A. Whittemore, wrote a genealogy in the 1920’s and said that he died in Detroit, MN, but no mention on the burial site. Recent travel plans gave Bonnie & I the extra couple of hours to drive to Detroit Lakes and look for myself. A few days before I left, I was sorting through the boxes of papers I posses, and I found a paragraph that said he was buried just inside the main gate of the cemetery.

Pull up to the main gate of the Oak Grove Cemetery in Detroit Lakes. My car on the left, info sign on the right. Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) monument in the center. Read up on the GAR on your own!

The Whittmore and Nunn families are buried just to the left of the entrance; the red granite stone just to the right of the vehicle.

I got out of the car and wandered into Section D, Bonnie went into Section A and found it right away.

A.A. Whittemore was in Minnesota working as a contractor and came to Detroit Lakes to build the Becker County Courthouse. After that project, he stayed on and died here. Buried with his third wife and his daughter Mary’s family. Mary Whittemore married one of her father’s employees, George Curtis Nunn. The Nunn family has a rich history in Detroit Lakes and I may add to their story later. The main stone has Nunn Whittemore on the front and Nunn on the back. There is another large Nunn stone in the next plot back.

Augustus A. Whittemore, Nov. 15, 1820 to Oct. 28, 1885

His third wife, Eleanor B. Whittemore, Apr. 10, 1842 to Sep. 6, 1930.

The main red granite stone with the two weathered bronze plaques in the ground in front.

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