Hello and About Me

This is an introductory post about me.

Reason for this website

Social media is despicable. Behavior modification and censorship will pretty much cover their sins. Facebook is a poor place to store information, but a great way to distribute. Post stuff here and share via email and social media if needed.

I also have over 43,000 photos; digital and scanned. I plan on posting a couple of them here.

My hobbies and interests

  • Sharing family history is the big reason for writing here. I don’t really write letters.
  • Place to share my innermost thoughts and fears. Joking; just superficial ramblings.
  • Post cooking and brewing updates!
  • Talk about geek stuff; computers, ham radio, etc.
  • Muse about the past as old guys tend to do.

Selfie with single lens reflex 35 mm camera
Selfie with single lens reflex 35 mm camera

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