Pre-Memorial Day Road Trip

Mercer, Turtle Lake, Mercer, McClusky, Farm, Denhoff, Goodrich, Wing, Fairview Cemetery

First stop was the Zion Lutheran Cemetery, south of Mercer. My g-g-grandparents are buried inside the fence and their son, my g-grandparents are in the foreground.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Andreas Bossert (1851-1913) and Caroline Dieno Bossert (1850-1914). Brought tools to clean up the lilac, but someone had already done it.
Left foreground; Jacob Bossert (1879-1970) and Christina Hofer Bossert (1885-1956).

Turtle Lake Cemetery

Turtle Lake Cemetery. Took a photo of my grandmother’s brother but forgot her sister is also here. Have to go back! This is where the Wolf family is buried; the children were my grandmother’s first cousins.

Mercer Cemetery. My grandmother’s brother, sister, aunt/uncle, a cousin and the cousin’s daughter.

Brother and family of my grandmother, Emma Bossert Dick
Sister and family of my grandmother, Emma Bossert Dick
Uncle and family of my grandmother, Emma Bossert Dick
First cousin and family of my grandmother, Emma Bossert Dick
Daughter of Regina Schell, my mom’s 2nd cousin.

McClusky Cemetery

McClusky Cemetery. My grandmother’s sister. My dad’s sister. My great-grandparents. My uncle. Did not take a photo of my grand-parents’ grave.

Sister and family of my grandmother, Emma Bossert Dick
My dad’s sister and family.
Dick great-grandparents.
Uncle Don.

Family farm

My grandparents’ farm, SE of McClusky. Barn, shops, and granary are gone. House, outhouse, coal shed, wash shed / summer kitchen, and chicken coop are left.

Wash shed / summer kitchen.

First Baptist Church Cemetery

First Baptist Church Cemetery, located 2-3 miles from the farm. My grandfather’s cousin is buried here.

First cousin of my grandfather, Reinhold Dick, so my first cousin, twice removed.

Denhoff Blacksmith Shop

Denhoff; one of my grandfather’s blacksmith shops.

Goodrich City Cemetery

Goodrich Cemetery. My grandparents’ grave site with three aunt / uncles that died as infants and children. My great-grandparents.

My great-grandparents and ancestors of most Felchle in North America. His brother, Heinrich Felchle came to the USA also.

Fairview Cemetery

Last stop at the Fairview Cemetery in Bismarck. Connie’s g-g-grandparents and one of their grand sons.

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