The Week That Was = #24

June 09 – June 15

The week starts out with Pentecost. Got dressed for church and forgot to wear red. Managed to glance at my calendar in time to fix it. Spent the afternoon in the backyard and had supper with visiting relatives. Have two shrubs in the backyard that were not trimmed for over ten years. The left one was too far gone to save, the one on the right; we’ll see…

Stealing peonies from my neighbor:

And my thorn less hawthorn trees, about eight years in the ground, are blooming nicely:

Tuesday, out looking at my hawthorn trees (Thornless cockspur hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli var. inermis) , blooming nicely. Notice aphids! To Menards in the evening to buy ‘agricultural oil’, mineral oil for trees. Wednesday evening at my parents’ house I found a mostly full container of the same. Sprayed the trees this evening, Menards return trip tomorrow!

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