Theodore Poppke Passenger List

Hello, my Uncle Herbert Poppke (1921-2012) created short documents on different subjects and passed them around. The were all numbered in the upper left hand corner. This is 30-1. PDF scan is available on the link. Below is a text version of the scanned PDF file.

30-1     Theodore Poppke Passenger List.   H. Poppke, 20 Nov 1986       

The Certificate of Arrival No. 998694 for one Emil Weckwert is in the Naturalization file for Theodore Poppke. On Poppke’s Petition for Naturalization there are the signatures of John Felchle and John Mauch as “Alias Witnesses“.

John Poppke, the son of Theodore, reports that a farmer from near Harvey, ND had sent two tickets to Russia. One of the “Rooshins” decided not to go to the USA. Poppke used this man’s ticket, and apparently his name also. I assume that this man was Emil Weckwert(?).

I have just received the Passenger List for Emil Weckwert. I will list the information below. I have not completely deciphered. the List, so consider the information as preliminary!!!!

The list is found on: 7-715, Roll 1528, page 72.

Line 23 of the Passenger Lists gives Emil Weckwert, age 78 (born 1832(?)). He could not read or write, was a locksmith, 5′-8″, brown eyes, light brown hair,

Weckwert received his ticket from a friend, but Weckwert gives no information about this friend. Weckwert has a RR ticket to Goodridge (Goodrich), ND; this is his final destination. He has $12 in money.

Weckwert’s step-father is given as one Karl Albrecht of Barischerwalde, Russia. Weckwert’s last residence is given as Barischerwalde. His birth place is given as Zytomir; I can’t make it out.

Theodore Poppke was a blacksmith, age 23,(born 1887), he could read and write, 5′-8″, black eyes, black hair. Poppke’s foster father was one Karl Albrecht. Poppke was born in Lesowschtschisna, Volhynia, Russia. His last residence was Esposich (Osiposichi(?)).

Line 22 of the Passenger List gives Emil Schmalwr age 20 (born 1890(?).

A farm laborer(?), 51-11″, blue eyes, light brown hair. He could not read or write.

E. Schmalz got his ticket from an uncle, August Krieger, of Goodridge, ND. E. Schmalz has a ticket to Goodridge; his final destination. E. Schmalz has $10, $15, $30, or $35; I can’t tell which.

E. Schmalz’s father is Gustov(?) Schmalz of Barischerwalde. E. Schmalz’s last residence is given as Barischerwalde. His birth place is given as

Z(7)1140484 I can’t make it out.     Rd f CI( rel AWL5fi /70 /}174t,

There is a Baraschi/Barasohow, Korosten, Volhynia, Russia, this is in-the area where Poppke was born. Walde is forest; Poppke’s lest job was at a sawmill.

It appears as if “Manfred” is written on the far right of sheet V117, and on the far left of sheet E146(?). The town of Manfred is located about 10(?) miles SE of Harvey. Manfred could well have been their final destination. John Poppke reports that Theodore walked from Harvey to Goodrich to work in a blacksmith shop there.

Going to Manfred or Harvey via Goodrich makes no sense to me(?).

Who were Weckwert, Schmalz, and Krieger? ?

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